1/72 Kawasaki Ki-48-II Otsu Type 99 Light Bomber (Lily) “75th Flight Regiment”

Had fun making this one — though it was not a quick job by any means. Dealing with all those window panes seemed to take just about as long as everything else combined! This limited edition kit included photo-etch tail struts and dive brakes (look for those under the wings), which I thought was a nice touch. In order to get the “in-flight” shots I waited to attach the landing gear.

There was a time when I thought I ought to try to weather my model planes (like here with two zeroes), but I have decided that realism is not going to be my top priority. I really like the way this plane looks with its camouflage scheme, and although I will generally do a wash to accentuate the panel lines (as I did here) and maybe throw on some exhaust stains, that’s about as far as I care to go right now. It’s challenging enough for me to do this much as well as I can.

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