1/72 S-Model A13 Mk I

I decided to try this Chinese maker of inexpensive model vehicles with this A13 kit. Their catalogue seems to include a number of early-war vehicles that are, if not exactly obscure, at least not often treated by the better-known manufacturers. My son and I have been building forces for our table-top battles, circa 1940. You get two vehicles in the package, which is nice for wargamers. We decided to do one for the Western Desert and one for France. The kit is easy to build, with features like single-piece track and wheels. The lines are crisp, with little to no flash, but it is no frills when it comes to extra details like stowage. I added a few touches, including a commander figure from Plastic Soldier Company. Would I buy another S-Model kit? Yes, especially if I wanted to add to my collection of somewhat arcane, smaller AFVs — I had never seen this vehicle anywhere else.

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