Tank Craft Series 4: Churchill Tanks

Like his earlier numbers in the Tank Craft series from Pen & Sword, Dennis Oliver’s recent volume on the Churchill tank offers the same satisfying blend of design thinking, specific unit campaign histories,  beautiful illustrations, and detailed photographs, along with a modeling product survey and review for the most dedicated of hobbyists.

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Air War Archive: He 111 and Ju 88

Although I can quite enjoy poking around the Internet, my understanding of the people and machines of the past always grows far more–by leaps and bounds–when I read the fruit of an expert’s dedicated, long-term research, such as Chris Goss has assembled in these two books for our interest and benefit.

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Airfix Westland Lysander in 1/72

The Lysander had one unique capability that turned out to be its saving grace for war-time service: the airplane could land and take off on extremely short, rough fields. And so it ultimately found its true niche and a measure of fame as a spy plane of sorts, sneaking agents into and out of Occupied France under difficult conditions.

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