1/72 Italians in North Africa

Italians with North African House_018

This collection of newly completed models 51pKAtk4CZL._SX466_represents my effort to get every WW2 Italian model I had off the shelf and built because my interest had recently been piqued by a desert-themed, 1/72 scale table-top battle my 8-year-old son and I carried out in the garage. These newest additions to the Western Desert are here posed with Italeri’s “African House.”


20200116_214844I think my favorite of the bunch is the Italeri CR.42 AS “Falco,” a sesquiplane (meaning the bottom wing is only about half the size of the upper wing) of pre-war design that came into service in 1939 and flew in all of Italy’s WW2 campaigns. This version, the AS or ground-attack version, appeared most notably above the Libyan and Egyptian deserts from 1940  to 1942. The hardest part of building the kit was definitely working out the fit of the two wings with the twelve separate, steeply inclined struts.

20200116_214928The other aircraft, an MC.200 “Saetta” by HobbyBoss, like all kits in the series, was extremely easy to build, correspondingly light on detail, and fun to paint. No issues there.

The two vehicles looked quite nice in the end, I thought, but I must say the Ace Models AS.37 light truck, with its ambiguous instructions and its sometimes sloppy parts, was not a pleasure 20200116_214958to build–except for the real rubber tires. All Ace Models I have tried have been challenging, but I’ll still sometimes buy them because so many of the subjects they produce can’t be found anywhere else that I know of. The funny thing is, after all the struggle of an Ace kit, they do tend to come out pretty well. The other vehicle, an ABM 42 scout car with a 47mm ATG, is from Italeri’s dependable line of 1/72 20200116_214808vehicles.

Combined with the other Italian models we already have, these kits will help make a tidy little force for our next table-top desert war between the British and the Italians. You can see all of our North African subjects here.


2 responses to “1/72 Italians in North Africa

  1. Thank you for checking out the blog and for the question! As someone who loved Avalon Hill’s “Advanced Squad Leader” games, I use a kind of casual variation of that system, where one hex is just converted to one inch. The vehicle and ordnance capabilities, as well as armor factors and infantry characteristics, all derive from the ASL rules and counters. I have made 4×6 cards (each with what I think is a cool photo of my own and graphics for the data) for all vehicles and ordnance. So a 1/72 scale tank is driving and firing on the table and I’m holding its info card. I’m sure the other table-top systems (like Bolt Action) must have some advantages over what I do, but this way works too.


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