Afrika Korps in 1/72: Inspection Tour

This modest setup was inspired by the Rommel in Africa books I recently reviewed. I have attempted to show a “Rommel” figure (one in and one out of the Sdkfz. 250/3 command vehicle) as if he is touring a defensive line or camp under construction. (There are a few images that show something more like combat, too.)

The models come from a pot pourri of makers. The “Rommels” are from the Matchbox Afrika Korps, and the “Greif” is Italeri. The MG34 is Revell Afrika Korps. Airfix supplied the shovelers. The figure scanning with binoculars is from the Italeri Afrika Korps motorcycles kit. Tents and sandbags are Italeri. The Demag Sdkfz 10 is Caesar Miniatures. The 50mm Pak 38 is Ace Models. The PzKw IV F1 is Hasegawa. The Horch is a diecast model from Hobby Master. The other half track is so old (1976-ish) that I don’t remember anything about it! My other Afrika Korps diorama is here.

2 responses to “Afrika Korps in 1/72: Inspection Tour

  1. Very cool, love the black and white shots, I might have to go pull out the Desert Rats DVD now and watch it.

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