1/72 Ki-84 Hayate (“Frank”)

In keeping with a trend in my adult-era model-building, I am pretty much doing a new version of most models I have, including this one, which I first built around 30 years ago. Back then, I went for the flashy paint scheme featured on the box art, but this time I chose to do the very brownish variant included in the instructions — which, although not gaudily cool like the silver one, does have something I like in Japanese aircraft: the broad white wing-top band for the hinomaru to sit in. Also in contrast to what I used to do, this model has its gear down so it can be posed on the ground, whereas in the past I always had gear up so it could be used “realistically” in a war game. Here you see it on my usual runway base, auch mit Luftschraube in Bewegung.

My original Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate (“Frank”)

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