El Alamein Train Station Diorama, 1/72

My son previously posted his vision of the Italeri El Alamein Battle Set, in full battle mode. Here I have tried to create a more mundane scene around the station building, as well as a few shots of the British troops and vehicles that came in the set. That includes a Sherman III, 25-pdr with Quad FAT, and infantry. Of course, other miniatures have had to sneak in here: a Märklin HO-scale locomotive, Airfix trucks, and some Revell 8th Army figures. It’s pretty difficult to get good wires on telegraph/telephone poles this size, especially when they simply lead out of frame to nowhere. It could be done with stretched sprue, but it seemed more trouble than it was worth, considering the fact that our dioramas are always temporary; I would have had to glue the poles to the base to make it work. As a possible solution, I played with photoshopping the wires in later but gave up after a couple of tries. You can see if you like those!

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