Airfix Bf109E-4 1/72

This enjoyable kit represents a Messerschmitt that took part in the Battle of Britain from an aerodrome in Holland. I must say, I enjoy painting the German mottled camouflage, which tends to look really good once you’ve made the switch to an airbrush. I have used our airfield boards to stage a little scene (which, by the way, I do not claim looks like the Netherlands!) for the plane to sit in (and land on — see the shots with the props spinning…).The sky backdrop is part of my collection of 20″x 30″ posters I’ve captured myself over the past five years or so. The hangar is scratch-built, while the two brick buildings are from MiniArt. You’ll also find a Märklin HO scale steam locomotive on the tracks by the freight shed, with vintage HO trucks (also Märklin) loaded with supplies, artfully arranged by my son. Figures are Airfix and Hasegawa.

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