El Alamein Battle Set in 1/72

Here we have made a replica of the El Alamein battle in 1/72 using Italeri’s El Alamein battle set. Not only did it come with models and buildings, but we also are using new models unseen on this website, and ones that have already appeared in the past. Some of the new models used in the diorama are the German recce halftrack and SdKfz. 251/10 in desert camo. The set came with 50 British 8th army figures and 50 German Afrika Korps figures. The two tanks it came with were a Panzer IV and Sherman III. The rails, station, and water tower are all from the set. (Toby, age 9)

3 responses to “El Alamein Battle Set in 1/72

  1. P.S. The diorama does incorporate a number of models that did not come with the set, which has the figures, the buildings (quite nice), a 25-pdr and QUAD FAT, Sherman III, Pz IV, and Italian artillery piece.


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