1/700 German Harbor

This post has a new destroyer in it, Z38 (Zerstörer 1936 Narvik Klasse). This post also has our Bismarck battleship in it. One of my favorite ships is the Prinz Eugen (red turrets). We changed the positions of some of the buildings as well as take away the hills that we had in the last harbor post. The destroyers can be seen in the area near the factories. The new one is the yellow-and-black destroyer. We have a 1/700 scale airfield in this diorama with four German planes with hangars. (All photos and text by Toby Pflueger, age 8.)

4 responses to “1/700 German Harbor

  1. Hallo allemaal,

    Ik ben van plan om een plastic schaalmodeldiorama te gaan maken, met als thema tweede wereldoorlog in de schaal 1/700.

    Het plan is o.a. een air base te maken, maar heeft iemand tips voor mij waar ik spullen hiervoor kan kopen?

    Alvast super bedankt!

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  2. Hi! Thanks for your note and question. I don’t know if you might also have seen this post, but it has more views of the harbor/airbase diorama we have made: https://schopenhauersworkshop.com/2019/11/01/1-700-submarine-depot-ship-heian-maru/ Also, I can say that most of the materials we used came from the Skywave 1/700 series. There are buildings, piers, aircraft and vehicles of various kinds. I have also used the Hasegawa Harbor Set and Tugger Set. Everything else is made from papier mâché, balsa wood and a particle board base. I hope that helps, and I wish you lots of fun in your project!


    • Hello,

      Thanks for your response! I like your diorama very much, it is amazing. I’m looking to do such thing, but a little bit smaller. Where did you get those pitroad kits from? I can’t buy them in germany or the Netherlands, i can’t find them. And how about the papier maché, you did that with glue and papers?

      Thanks a lot!


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