Tamiya Warbirds Collection #49: North American P-51D

P-51D Mustang_005

I hadn’t built a P-51 in about 30 years. But I seem these days to be redoing a lot of models that I used to think I “already had one” of — and you’ve got to have at least one P-51 in your A-List collection. I turned to Tamiya’s Warbirds Collection, which I have been enjoying a great deal of late. (See the P-47 Bubbletop here.) P-51D Mustang_007 The P-51 you see here presented me with a few difficulties, primarily because I tried to shortcut some of the masking and had to do too many brush touch-ups as a result… I don’t feel that it is my best product ever, but I also have a bit of “perfectionist fatigue” right now and am fine with how it turned out! Of all the paint schemes, it seems, I will always choose the one with invasion stripes.

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