1/700 Japanese Harbor Diorama With Submarine Depot Ship Heian Maru

japanese harbor heian maru 020

It’s funny how you look at the models on your shelf and either feel like or don’t feel at all like building certain types at any given time. For a while, it was tanks, tanks, tanks! Now we’re in a ship-aircraft-ship pattern.

Screen Shot 2019-10-31 at 9.12.04 PM

The Queue

My son is keeping a queue. He and I have been working on a 1/700 harbor diorama for some weeks now.

So here we feature our newest ship, Heian Maru, an ocean liner converted to wartime service. The buildings are a mish-mash of kits that I am sure you will be familiar with if you build 1/700 stuff at all. The hills are paper mache with foam trees, steep and densely wooded like the coastal regions of Japan. Also present are the battleship Ise and the seaplane tender Notoro. Heian Maru herself is tending to two subs, I-16 and I-58.

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