4 responses to “Airfix WWII USAAF Bomber Resupply Set

  1. I just purchased the 1:48 scale B-17G Flying Fortress from Revell. I also bought a 1:72 scale of the WW2 USAAF Bomber re-supply kit model from AIRFIX. Will both these models match in size for a diorama setting that I would like to do?


    • Hey, thanks for your question! The answer depends on how strict you want to be about matching scales… The 1/72 resupply set will definitely look small next to a 1/48 bomber — but not, in my opinion, ridiculously small, if you aren’t all that particular about being strictly realistic. I hope that helps!


      • Thanks for your opinion. Yeah I will be taking back my 1:48 scale to pre order my 1:72 scale from Airfix. I have a group of 340 members that model dioramas. I put models together for veterans to the exact model and year of whatever vehicle they served on. I research and research and research exact details to present these veterans with pride of their sacrifice to us. Found your website and with your permission I would like to share your website with my members on my social media.

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