1/700 IJN Training Cruiser Kashima 鹿島

IJN Kashima_012

Kit by Aoshima, showing 1943 configuration.

  • Katori Class.
  • Launched 25 September 1939, completed 31 May 1940; in 1945 she was the flagship of the China Coast Escort Squadron; damaged on 30 July 1945 at Maizuru by aircraft of TF38; surrendered in August 1945 and used on repatriation duty until 15 November 1946; broken up at Nagasaki by 15 June 1947.
  • Speed: 18 knots.
  • Armament: 4 x 5.5-in 50-cal, 6 x 5in 40-cal DP, 20 x 25mm AA.¹

¹Jentschura, Hansgeorg, Dieter Jung, and Peter Mickel. Antony Preston, J.D. Brown, Tr. Warships of the Imperial Japanese Navy, 1869-1945. Annapolis: Naval Institute Press, 1977. (P. 111)


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