1/700 IJN Light Cruiser Abukuma 阿武隈

IJN Abukuma_007

Kit by Tamiya, with after-market railings and stairs.

  • Completed, 1925. Sunk, October 26, 1944, SE of Negros.
  • Speed: 36 knots.
  • Armament: 7 x 5.5-inch 50-cal guns, 8 x 24-inch torpedo tubes, light AA.
  • Nagara Class, designed as flagships for cruiser, destroyer and submarine squadrons.¹

I’ve gotten fairly facile with some added details like railings, and I do think it’s worth the extra time. The rigging also adds a sheen of slightly more realism, though the extent of rigging I am willing to do and the skill with which I do it amounts only to a “suggestion” of the actual wires the ship would have. Fine with me!

¹Jentschura, Hansgeorg, Dieter Jung, and Peter Mickel. Antony Preston, J.D. Brown, Tr. Warships of the Imperial Japanese Navy, 1869-1945. Annapolis: Naval Institute Press, 1977. (Pp. 107-108)



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