1/72 A-20G Havoc: “Southwest Pacific Warrior”

a-20 boxKit by MPM Models. After-market canopy masking by Eduard.

Although I have been working steadily on various builds over the last several months, I have been on a posting hiatus due to new responsibilities on the job (having assumed the mantle of Dean of 7th Grade Students at the school where I work) and to illness (having come down with a mild but nonetheless troubling case of pneumonia around Halloween!). This is my first return post, with quite a number of completed but unphotographed models still to come.

This model marked the first time I have used after-market masking — and I must say it was so nice not to have try to do a bunch of tiny little tape cuts myself. There are several kits in the pipeline for which I have factory-made masking on hand.

my son toby helped me.(he wrote that) [And in fact, he wrote all of that. He also decided which decal version we should use, which was helpful because I liked both options so much it was hard to choose.] 🙂


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