1/72 F-4E Phantom II

phantom 001c1pWhen I was a kid in the 1970s, the Phantom was my favorite American jet. It had a very cool shape. So although I generally focus on WW2 subjects, I had been eyeing various Phantom versions for a while, and recently I finally did one, Hasegawa’s inexpensive F-4E Phantom II. The level of complexity you get for under $12 suits me just fine, and I am pleased with how it came out. The decals are very good, and the fits are excellent. The ground crew, pilot and accessories are also Hasegawa.

As for technique, I know that a lot of modelers do the paint, then Future, then decals, then a matte spray. I have never gone that route. When I put a wash over the paint, it makes it smoother, and that has been “good enough” for me to get the decals on without too much silvering — though, darn it, there is often some silvering! With this jet I decided to experiment at least with a matte coat over it all when I was done. I used a can of matte from the hardware store rather than a really expensive little spray can from the hobby supplier. It did not really end up totally matte, but I do like the way the decals are locked in.

I’m realizing lately that a lot of times I seem to be trying to revisit childhood memories with my hobby. I don’t know if that’s terribly healthy, but for whatever it’s worth, here is my Phantom — pun intended?

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