1/72 RPM Models Extrava-ganza: France 1940

I’ve recently been on one of those kicks when I decide, “Time to clear the shelf of some of those kits I never seem to feel like building! ” Sometimes, when I see the box on the shelf for the hundredth time and feel the guilt of the undone chore, I’ll just get it down and start the first step; then there’s no going back. I might literally pick the one kit I am least excited about doing–the excitement resides only in the thought of checking it off the list. It’s not that they are bad kits, probably. It’s usually either that the subject isn’t grabbing me, or perhaps that there looks to be more detail in the kit than I feel I have the patience for.

To my great satisfaction, I have several such builds to share here, and they happen to be early-war vehicles (that’s probably what stopped me from being all that interested for such a long time) kits from RPM Models. Truth be told, once I had broken through my reluctance with these kits, I found them rather enjoyable to build.

I have also put them together in a separate diorama here.

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