1/72 Diorama: France, 1940

This is the diorama inspired by my completion of early-war French tanks and a couple of new farmhouses…

Vehicles are RPM Models’ H39, R35 and Kfz 13. There are also two French ATGs from Ace Models: 25mm and 47mm. Gun crew are from Hät WWI French Artillery.

Figures are a mix of Caesar French Infantry, Matchbox French infantry that came with the 1/76 Char B.1 bis kit, Airfix German infantry and a few German accessory figures that I think came (many years ago) with an ESCI vehicle kit.  One or two Airfix WWI French infantry have also snuck in.

The buildings are the Armourfast Farmhouses and Airfix’s La Haye Sainte Waterloo Farmhouse.

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