1/72 Avro Lancaster B.III Airfix

The last time I had a Lancaster was in the 1970s, so this beautiful aircraft had been on my wishlist for grown-up modeling for a long time. This diorama is really Part One. Before I attach the bomb bay doors I wanted to get a scene with the engines running and the plane flying and taking off and landing. The belly of the Lancaster was easily covered by black electrical tape for in-flight mode. Once I am satisfied with the “flying” images, I can simply remove the tape and affix the doors for an on-the-ground diorama.

I am almost satisfied–except for the fact that it turned out to be quite difficult to get all four props spinning at once, even with my leaf blower! Eventually, my entire family got into the act, with my wife, daughter and son all trying either to hold the plane by its wing tip, point the blower so as to engage all props, or press the shutter button. We did not quite get the shot I wanted of the Lancaster in its entirety off the ground.

We might have to try again, but meanwhile, here are the results of our first attempt…

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