The Actual Workshop…

Here I offer a glimpse of “Schopenhauer’s” actual workshop, as it were! We’ve been in this house for about ten months now. When I saw the two-car garage, I knew it would make a great space for all things hobby. We have the history book and board game collection, the PC for photography and strategy games, a workbench for building, and a big, old oak table for dioramas and all types of other play.


Right now it’s model train time! I have had the Märklin HO set in various incarnations for almost fifty years–yes, that is quality–but for much of that time it has had to be in boxes. For the last few years I have brought it out at Christmas time. This year my boy is six years old, and the simple loop turned into something much more ambitious, including an upper level with a functioning catenary system. It’s probably staying up for a lot longer than I originally thought!

IMG_1453 (1)



Happy New Year, everyone!

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