Hurricanes in France, 1940 (1/72)

Here we have two Hurricane Is, by Airfix. I used sticky tack plus wax paper to mask for the camouflage pattern, and Tamiya Panel Line Accent plus a dark wash for the finish. The virtue of the wax paper is that you can spread it sloppily over a fairly large area, stick it to the putty, and then easily cut along the contours of the putty for economical masking.

These planes belonged to: No. 85 Squadron, R.A.F., Advanced Air Striking Force, Lille-Seclin, France, May, 1940. The setup I have used reminds me of the early scene in the movie The Battle of Britain (1969), in which a British fighter squadron is forced on short notice to evacuate their field. I really enjoyed this kit (twice)!

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