A Poem to My Wife

Let’s see, this blog is purportedly about “Real. Life. Miniatures.” and I have so far managed to work each thought piece through the lens of my collection of models, but this post really has nothing to do with any of that. Here goes…

February, 2014

You girl
are the emerald forest
of dew-drop youth,
dark and wet
and mossy-soft,
where water runs murmuring
through shadows
and slanting shafts
of misty light
that penetrate
the canopy,
dappling the lichen-splotched rocks below.

I enter
this echoing space
in hushed awe
of something wild,
bent on finding
and snaring
something fast
and lovely
and fleeting,
that I might live
and feel alive.

When the bird is in the hand
it feels like
I have won
at life,
…for how long?
Until the next chase,
which begins
somewhere in my calculations
even as the fresh gore
still drips sweetly
from my over-worked lips.

You, mate,
are the beautiful orchard,
even and flowering.
You need water and care
but your bounty is no mystery.
The chase is over.
The hunt is done.
Harvest moon
fragrance and fruits
over warm dirt
bugs spinning the light
on the porch at dusk
children still playing in the balm
of the warm night.
You are my slow joy,
long lasting,
to be treasured, savored and appreciated
with each passing season
until they stop.

3 responses to “A Poem to My Wife

  1. Chris, I like this very much. It is difficult to “expose” oneself via a poem that is intimate and reveals so much of one’s feelings. I have always been reticent to post poems I have written (so many to Lauri after she passed away..but, I wrote her poems, off and on, for 35 years). Good for you my friend. Express your love every day to those that you love.


  2. Thanks, Dennis! It does make me feel a little nervous to share a poem, but I guess self-expression is why I have this here blog. And I want to say thank you to you in another way: you are a great teacher. I’m talking about the biology, oceanography, camping, and life lessons you imparted to me and others 30 years ago, which I will always remember, but I also mean your example of sharing your feelings about your family in the way you have been doing more recently online… I have really appreciated it. Thanks again for taking the time to read my blog sometimes, and have a wonderful holiday and a great new year!


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